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Boarding House / Group Home

In the Sharing Economy the boarding house of today is very different from the past. In the Washington area we have professionals who band together to help offset the cost of housing. When considering this type of rental it’s best to understand some of the challenges you will face. Despite the challenges to your property this is a great way to increase your return on investment.

Some of the many factors involved.

  • Personality of the individual tenant with their roommates. How do you facilitate a cohesive and cooperative environment? We have several solutions to ease in a new tenant and communications which provides a positive process for all the roommates.
  • Conflict resolution?
  • Communications, House rules?
  • What type of Lease agreement?
  • Length of the Lease agreement?
  • Common area maintenance and cleanliness?
  • Mechanical systems and maintenance, who is in charge?
  • What to supply to the common area elements?
  • Bike storage?
  • Storage area?
  • Mail handling?
  • Parking?
  • Trash Removal?
  • Appliances, cleanliness and use?
  • Laundry?
  • Pets?
  • HOA / CONDO Rules and Regulations

Group Home Management Program


We do have a solution for this type of rental and offer the service under our Turnkey program. Boarding house services are an add-on option based on the size (unit type), condition, location and inspection regiment you feel will be needed. Listed below are the additional services we offer:

The sharing economy has morphed this type of housing arrangement into a more permanent type of rental. When the economy was weak and new graduates were seeking permanent employment the group property was the most affordable solution. As the economy improved housing began to be in short supply and the demand very high which has created bands of new entrants into our local economy. There has been some interesting side effects for property managers and we will be happy to discus this strategy with you. Contact Us

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