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Benefits of Seasonal Property Management Services

Eric Guggenheimer - Monday, January 22, 2018

When you travel extensively for work or leisure, or have a second residence for when the colder seasons hit, your home is a constant source of worry.

Being away from home poses additional concerns besides just worrying if you packed everything you need.  Circle Property Management understands the concerns that people who are away from their homes for extended periods of time face.

Whether you’re away for weeks or months at a time, Circle Property Management can help you take care of your home and keep your time away worry-free.

The Risks of Leaving Your Home Unattended

There are many risks and concerns when leaving your home for an extended period of time. The responsibilities homeowners have can feel burdensome when you want to take a long trip or just want to be somewhere warmer when subzero temperatures settle in.

You don’t want to be worried about freezing pipes while you’re in sunny California or Florida. If you’re enjoying a trip abroad, you don’t want to be concerned about repairs that may be needed on your home due to storm damage.

Even if your second residence is largely unoccupied, the last thing you want is to walk into your vacation home only to find that the basement has flooded or that a lightning strike caused a fire that ruined your home. During the winter, critters of all shapes and sizes can take up residence in your home while you’re away.

Mold damage from excess moisture and humidity from improper ventilation during the summer months on the East Coast can also ruin your home. Whether it’s a tree on your roof or an infestation in your attic, leaving your home vulnerable can create stress while you’re away and untold amounts of money for repairs upon your return.

How You Can Have Peace of Mind While You’re Away

Circle Property Management offers services to provide you with the utmost peace of mind while you’re away. We protect your property with our services to keep your home safe and keep you stress-free.

You don’t have to take advantage of our services year-round; we provide what you need when you need it. We even contact repair vendors and get your home repaired while you’re away so that the only thing you need to do is be aware of the problem.

Our professional property management services suit all your seasonal needs. Whether it’s a snowstorm on the way or a risk of flash flooding to your area, our professional team is there to ensure your home is protected, regardless of the time or season.

What We Offer

We offer a variety of services and packages to ensure you get what you need while you’re away from your home. At Circle Property Management, we can provide:
  • Monthly inspections of your interior property

  • Emergency inspections

  • Monitoring of your electric use, including temperature of your home and any water use

  • A flat monthly fee for all these services

Our flexibility offers you peace of mind while you’re away from your home so that worrying about the state of your property, whether or not the temperature is right, a pipe has burst, or critters are invading your home will be a thing of the past. 

Contact Us Today

Have you been traveling for work or just want to take a long vacation to get away? Whether you regularly travel south for the winter or if you just want to go abroad without worrying about what’ll happen to your home, Circle Property Management can help. Give us a call or contact us today to discover how we can help make your next trip stress-free!