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Maintenance Request

Inform Us of Your Maintenance Issues

We have Three (3) maintenance teams at Circle Property Management and your Tenant Handbook will indicate which team you are associated with. (If you are unsure of your team please use team2 or the portal)

There are several options for contacting us:

Information we would like from you when making the request and it will speed up the processing of your request if you can include specific information!

For example please include the model number or a picture of the appliance in question. If it’s a furnace we just need the model and let us know if its gas or electric. We always appreciate a picture to send to our vendor.

Thank You

  1. Portal submission

    You can log into to your Portal

    Please note that your default username is your primary email account that we communicate with. The default password is welcome.

  2. Team Email

    When sending us an email please includes:

    • Property Address
    • Your Name
    • A phone number where we can contact you
    • Best time to call you
    • Include any pictures or model numbers.




  3. Phone

    You can call us at 703-349-0144 and follow the props on our voice mail system.
    Please make sure you leave us a message!

    You can follow up by calling 703-349-0144 Extension 110.

Maintenance Form

We have Three (3) ways to submit your maintenance issue. If it is an emergency that requires immediate attention, please call (703) 349-0144.

If this is a life threatening emergency call 911 immediately.


Repair necessity or damage caused by your negligence or misuse is your responsibility. In such cases, repairs will be made, but you will be charged for the cost of the labor and materials. Damages or plumbing stoppages caused by your negligence or misuse will be paid by you.

Release of Key

I understand that if I do not authorize a release of a key to a vendor, I will need to be available to give the vendor access to the property.