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Why Hire Circle Property Management?

We Use Technology to Improve Property Maintenance +

We maximize technology by utilizing proprietary contact relationship software to reach out to your tenant reminding them of their responsibility to maintain your property. Our soft touch program reaches out to your tenant with informative and timely maintenance tips, like gutter cleaning, winter pipe preparation, air filter replacement, and up to 11 friendly emails per year. Our goal is to make it easy for our tenants to act on our reminders by including property specific information like air filter size and approved vendors for seasonal tasks like gutter and yard clean up. We know it works; we receive many replies thanking us for the reminder and useful information.

We Pass Our Savings On To You +

As an independent, family owned and operated non-franchised property management firm we are not obligated to pay fees that increase our overhead like Franchise Fees, Marketing Fees, Management Fees to a Franchiser or third party vendor and so we pass these savings on to our customers.

  • No Cancellation Fees
  • No Transfer Fees
  • No Processing Fees
  • No Final Inspection Fees
  • No Release Fees
  • Just 30 Days Notice to Cancel

Three Affordable Property Management Programs +

With three levels of service we provide property management services to all types of owners and investors. Because our affordable management programs are based on the level of service and NOT a "one plan fits all approach" our programs are proven to be flexible and customer friendly to all.

Our Most Affordable Management Program: "A La Carte" +

A La Carte is just $49.00 per month and it's our program designed for active investors who just need a property manager for occasional help. This simple "as needed" management plan provides investors optional tools for tenant relationship management, Leasing Services, Tenant Screenings, and Maintenance Requests. A La Carte provides the firewall between you and your tenant - improving your quality of life!

Full Service Property Management Programs: Flat Fee & Turn-Key +

We offer two higher levels of service including our Premier Turn-Key Management Plan. It's our worry-free program with all of our services bundled into one affordable monthly fee. See the Comparison Chart for the differences between Turn-Key and Flat Fee.

Property Evaluation +

We are often asked to make property inspections to evaluate the condition of properties by Investors, Asset Managers, or family members who wish to have a baseline condition report of a property occupied by an aging family member. We are a FULL CIRCLE management company supporting our diverse clients' needs. Regardless of your requirements, we can help you. Please feel free to contact us for an evaluation or to request a FREE QUOTE.

Office Technology and Paperless Processes+

Northern Virginia Property Managing Skype

At Circle Property Management we take data management and business process engineering very serious. Our staff adheres to paperless office guidelines and we have specific protocols utilizing our commercial grade Konica Bizhub MFP to scan all documents to the owner portal for 24/7 online review of; financial statements, copies of invoices, lease documents, HOA/CONDO rules and related records. No matter where you are, you have access to your information!

  • Online Portal 24/7
  • Electronic Payment Systems
  • Proprietary Contact Management Software (100’s of data points)
  • Proprietary Drip Email Campaigns (Auto Reminders)
  • Paperless Office Protocol
  • Managed Firewall
  • Accounting Platform
  • In-House Booklet Printing

Custom Printing Your Tenant Handbooks

Our Bizhub MFP is much more than a copier or scanner. We have installed a “saddle stitcher” which allows us to custom make booklets on demand as need for our clients. This offers us great flexibility to custom make Tenant Handbooks which are property specific, adding important information to help better maintain your property.

Property Data

We maintain 49 data points on your property including mechanical equipment, air filter size, parking, property access, utility companies, HOA/CONDO information, your approved vendors, community amenities, and much more. We use this property specific information as a tool to maintain your property and communicate with your tenants in a effective manner resulting in little to no communication issues. Managing communications depends on accurate and timely data!

Tenant “Soft Touch” Communications and Automation

One of most effective tools to maintain your property is our drip email campaign. We send approximately 14 timely email reminders to your tenant reminding them to maintain your property. Most tenants appreciate a reminder to replace a filter or turn off water spigots when we approach winter avoiding broken pipes. In the spring we send out a reminder to replace the air filter in the furnace before switching to the cooling season which has dramatically reduced AC service calls.


Northern Virginia Property Managements

A well maintained property is part of an investment strategy grounded on asset management principles -an approach which pays dividends with higher rent, improved tenant relations, and better outcomes when it's time to sell. A well maintained property not only rents faster but it also encourages the higher rent premium -delivering a greater return on your investment.

We also offer seasonal and quarterly maintenance specials to our enhance purchasing power. The key to good outcomes regarding the property's condition is maintaining the property in a way that prevents costly repairs!

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • HVAC Filter & Maintenance
  • Caulking and Painting
  • Appliance Maintenance
  • Plumbing Maintenance

These are some of the items we help facilitate in-order to maintain good maintenance practices. We also recognize the importance of enforcing the Lease agreements regarding the tenant's responsibility to maintain the property.

We utilize CRM systems to send regular e-mails to the tenants reminding them of regular maintenance requirements. We also send a reminder to replace air filters, winterize exterior spigots, clean gutters and check all drains for debris.

There are critical periods during the year when properties are at risk. Winter and spring is our wettest period and when problems related to moisture and water intrusion. Good maintenance practices include gutter cleaning and making sure downspouts are clear of debris.

When you need service or maintenance you can count on us to value your maintenance dollars. Circle is a professional management company; we have approved and insured contractors, or we will use one of your trusted companies.

Property Eviction Services+

  • Issuing eviction notices
  • Filing for evictions with court house (the filing fee is a cost of the property owner).
  • Appearing in Court representing the property owner
  • Filing for the tenant to vacate the property with the Sheriff department.

Identifying and scheduling the eviction labor to move the tenant out of the property (there is a fee to pay the labors which is a fee of the property owner). This is a requirement of the sheriff's department in order to move the tenant out of the property as quickly as possible. The Sheriff will not appear until the move out crew is on the property grounds. Coordinating with the collection agency to collect a portion of past due rents.

Accounting and Reporting+

With our property management accounting system software and customer service portal, getting information you need is easier then ever. You have access 24/7!

  • We provide insured depository services for the accounting of security deposits held in escrow which comply with all local and state code.
  • We maintain accounting of all reserve accounts with detailed reporting of any service and maintenance including copies or repair invoices, easy to read monthly reports and a year-end statement to simplify your tax preparation.
  • Collection of rent with our tenant friendly “Easy Pay” ™ system speeds up the process of payments, reduces mail-related delays, and creates positive landlord/tenant relations. A happy tenant is a good tenant!
  • ACH deposits for landlord equity disbursements. Quicker than mail and saves you a trip to the bank every month.
  • Electronic invoicing as a friendly reminder to your tenants. (3 days before the rent is due an invoice is sent to your tenant via email and a copy can be sent to you as well.)
  • Automatic notifications alerting you of your deposits.


Northern Virginia Property Managements

MLS System

The most effective tool a Real Estate Broker can use to market your property in the local area is the MLS system. In the Northern Virginia area we have over 12,000 Realtors working collaboratively to place potential tenants in a property. As a member of the local Board of Realtors and the National Association in combination with Regional MLS system your property will be syndicated to over 100+ websites.

Northern Virginia Property Manager

Interior Photos

Interior and exterior photographs are taken to present your property in the most effective way and to market it to the maximum potential.

Sign Calls 703-550-7070

We utilize a High Performance Call handling system using ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) to distribute these calls to our sales staff 2417. A prospect standing in front of your home is usually a high value customer.

Northern Virginia Property Managing Company

Secure SentriLock Lock Boxes

Sentrilock ImageWe utilize NVAR (Northern Va Board of Realtors) approved lock boxes providing secure access for Realtors. The SentriLock system lock box uses a secure access key and pin code virtually eliminating risk. We receive notification of all Agents who enter your home and this provides us the means to follow up and obtain feedback.

Property Videos

When you select our Tum-Key Management Plan we will create a property video on You Tube. This provides addition channels of marketing and supports our sales staff when speaking to prospects about your property. See Video Tours

Virtual Tours

Each one of our rentals will have a virtual tour syndicated through our local MLS system and partners.

Website Syndication

We syndicate your property to 100 plus websites which are available 24 hours a day. Many partner sties provide lead generation and contact management to make our efforts as effective as possible.

Other Services+

Comparison Chart

Property Management of Northern Virginia
  • DIY Program (A La Carte)
  • Flat Fee Management Plan
  • Turn-Key Total Solution

Other programs

We also offer several programs for our snow-birds and world travelers, providing property oversight while on travel with electronic monitoring for temperature and moisture - alerting us of any potential property environmental problems. Pricing

Fill out the form to your right for our quick needs assessment and we will prepare a quote for you TODAY.



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