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Selecting your Property Manager

How to Find the Best Residential Property Manager in Virginia

Working with a dependable property manager for your income property can make all the difference for your investment.

You can find better tenants, lower maintenance costs, and reduce vacancies, all while minimizing your responsibilities and keeping your investment profitable.

How can you find the right residential property manager in Virginia? Here are a few ways to evaluate the best partner for your property’s success!

Look for Customized Services

Ideally, you want some flexibility when it comes to a residential property manager. Having the option for all-inclusive services is beneficial, but some owners prefer to take on a few responsibilities themselves.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t have to pay for services you don’t need. That’s why at Circle Property Management, our independent, family-owned business offers customizable services. We have options as low as $49/month for property owners who need occasional resources and assistance.

However, if you want a worry-free plan, you can choose our Premier Turn-Key Management Plan. All of our options come with a complimentary property evaluation and a free quote. When you work with us, you can take advantage of everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Ask About Fee Information

One of the most important aspects to evaluate when considering Virginia property managers is their fee structure. While some property management companies have varying fees, others charge a flat rate for their services.

Either way, it’s essential to know what you’re getting. Asking about fee information will help you determine if you can afford the property management company, and what fees you can expect based on events such as vacancies or evictions.

At Circle Property Management, our fee structure is simple. We don’t charge hidden fees such as those for final inspections or cancellations, and we just need 30 days’ notice should you choose to cancel our services. Many of our plans have a flat, affordable monthly fee for your convenience! 

Know What to Expect for Communication

Proper communication is crucial for tenant satisfaction and to prevent maintenance emergencies at your income property in Virginia.

Knowing how your potential property management company communicates with both you and your tenants will help you determine if they’re a good fit. A company that doesn’t have standards in place for communication may not be your best option.

Our team at Circle Property Management uses software that gently reminds tenants of their maintenance responsibilities, such as when it’s time to clean the gutters, replace air filters, or get ready for a winter storm.

Tenants are able to make their rent payments via an easy online system, and we issue reminders three days before the due date. As a landlord, you’ll get automatic notifications for deposits, which means no waiting for your money!

We Have You Covered at Circle Property Management

Our services at Circle Property Management are full circle to support your income property’s success. Call us today at (703) 349-0144 to find out more about our professional management services for your Virginia property!