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Management Fees and Leasing Frequently asked Questions

How Circle PM Manages Tenant Work Orders & Repair Requests

How Much will Your Property Management Services Cost?

How Circle PM On-boards a New Rental Property

How We Make Your Property Rent

Q: Do you charge me a management fee when the property is vacant?

A: No. There are a few exceptions, but we do not charge a management fee when we are marketing your property or between tenants.

Q: Do you provide a 30 day Leasing Guarantee?

A: Yes we do offer the 30 day Lease guarantee with our turn-key program.

Q: Do you have an early termination Fee?

A: No. We do not charge an early termination fee under our management programs.

Q: Do you charge a fee to transfer the file?

A: No. We do not charge a transfer fee of any kind.

Q: Do you require that I use your vendor or can I have one of my own?

A: No. We encourage you to supply vendors which you feel comfortable using for service and maintenance. We have established relationships with a number of firms that have provided good service to us, should you have no preference.

Q: Do you require a maintenance escrow deposit?

A: No. We do not require you to maintain a balance in your account for repairs but encourage you to do so. Without it we can’t run the expenses through our accounting platform. It is best to have us manage the accounting for reporting of your income and expenses to facilitate your tax preparation.

Q: Does Circle notify us before doing any repairs?

A: Yes. We notify you via email of a pending work order. Once we have a request from your tenant we send you an email and if possible will call to discuss the issue. On occasion we do get emergency service requests for the loss of heating or cooling and will order a service, notifying you as soon as possible. Virginia and DC law require us to act quickly in an emergency to avoid a “denial of service” claim.