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What to Expect with Your Circle Property Management Home Inspection

Eric Guggenheimer - Sunday, September 24, 2017

Getting your home inspected isn’t just for new homebuyers. At Circle Property Management, we provide a home inspection for all our new clients.

Having your investment property inspected is essential to creating a better tenant experience, lowering risk of property issues, and controlling maintenance costs. Here, we discuss exactly how all these things work to provide you with a better version of your investment property.

Here’s what to expect for your home inspection at Circle Property Management.

High Level Service and Value

At Circle Property Management, you can expect us to go over every detail of your investment property from top to bottom. A proper home inspection leaves no stone unturned. We provide our clients with the highest level service and value available. When you choose us, you know that your property is scrutinized under the eyes of professionals who have been in the business for years and know how to properly evaluate a rental home.


Better Tenant Experience


When you get your investment property inspected, there are zero surprises for the tenant. This means you know about issues beforehand and have the opportunity to correct small maintenance issues before they become larger problems. A tenant who knows his or her home is well cared for is a happy tenant.


Better tenant experiences enable you to not only get positive references for future tenants, but also encourage your tenants to properly maintain the home. When the tenant feels as though you’re taking care of business, they may be more amicable when and if things do go wrong.


Lower Risk of Property Issues


We just discussed how knowing about issues beforehand can keep your property in much better condition. A thorough property inspection can uncover many issues, therefore lowering your risk of costly maintenance in the future.


Fixing a problem before the tenant has a chance to move in and complain about it is always preferable to the tenant moving in and then having to handle an issue. A home inspection that’s well conducted can make future maintenance on your investment property a breeze!


What’s Included in Your Home Inspection


When we do home inspections at Circle Property Management, we cover all the bases. These are some of the items we include when we do your inspection:


  • Inspect heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

  • Check for potential problems with condensation on air conditioning lines

  • Confirm easy access to shut off valves

  • Inspect washer and dryer; look for any mold or dampness in this area

  • Check for drainage issues, gutter problems, and soil sloping toward the house rather than away

  • Inspect the attic

  • Document all appliances and potential repairs needed

  • If there are any water stains visible on the ceiling, we identify the cause or the source

  • Use a moisture meter throughout the home to identify any potential issues

  • Check for gas leaks or other leaks that may cause a strange smell


Based on all this information and more, we create a report that’s approximately 30 pages long including pictures. You can review this information and we’ll be happy to review it with you to discuss what needs to be done to get the property in working order.


How the Home Inspection Helps You


The goal of our home inspection at Circle Property Management is to uncover potential problems on your property that should be corrected before tenants move in. We can also confirm pre-existing conditions on the home, which allows you to be clear when it comes to tenant vs. landlord responsibilities.


Essentially, our detailed home inspection will help protect both the landlord and the property manager in the event that something should happen. It’s expected that maintenance concerns will arise with your investment property. Let us help you better understand them and manage your maintenance costs appropriately through our home inspection.


When was the last time your investment property got a home inspection? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for the perfect rental property to make some extra income. We can help. Our home inspection goes a long way towards ensuring that your investment property stays at just that—an investment. Let us help you create a better tenant experience and lower maintenance costs with a proper home inspection!